Date Night Out: Intimate Puja for Couples

2017-11-17 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Portal Crystal Gallery
Address: 489 Mass Ave, Arlington, MA

Couple’s Intimate Puja Circle — The Perfect Date Night! Deeply connect with yourself, your partner, and the beautiful circle of light around you.

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A Puja, in Sanskrit, means reverence, honor, worship and adoration. It’s used by the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and others as a ceremony to honor a very special occasion. It’s also used more often as part of a sacred ritual, or practice, to honor the beauty inside each of us.


Here’s what we are going to do:


Intimate Puja Circles, created by Robyn, of Come Back to Love ®, will be the place to:

• Open up to a soulful, connected, juicy embrace with your partner

• Reconnect with your sweetie (has it been a while?)

• Deepen your love by sharing your heart

• Learn and practice tantra, yoga, meditation in support of healing past resentments and reconnecting in love

• Meet other couples on a spiritual path Tantra:

This special evening will begin with many invitations to connect with each other in light and playful ways — always with the opportunity to go as deep as you choose.

Here’s what Participants are saying:

“I am beside myself excited. I could never in a million years imagined going to a workshop like this a year ago. It’s as if we were living a different life. My feelings of love and gratitude for what you have created are boundless. The growth that not just she and I have made individually but as partners is special in its own right.”

“Love really is a Miracle and so is guiding people on how and where to find it. That’s what you do my dear. Love you with my whole being.”

The Intimate Puja Circle itself will begin part-way through the night during which you’ll have the chance to connect more deeply with your partner — this part of the evening will be facilitated, with a structure offered, however, you will have ample time to co-create with your beloved!! You will be at choice and encouraged to ask for 100% of what you want.


1. What should I wear? Please be comfortable but also celebratory! Wear yoga pants or something with a draw string around the waist; bring sarongs, scarves, dresses, etc. This is a clothing-ON event.

3. Do I need to bring anything? Yes, your partner!! And your water bottle. You are also welcome healthy snacks to share after the Puja. Organic fruit and chocolate are best. If you have a back jack/floor chair, please bring it.

4. What if I have questions, I’m feeling a bit nervous: Please email me to set up a time to talk:


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