Living an Intimate Puja

Showing up for something new where you know you’re going to be invited into your authentic self takes courage.  I recently had an experience whereby my deepest, most authentically possible Self needed to come forward and act on my behalf. Sounds funny to say it in that way — but if you think about it, we tend to play a variety of roles in our lives (mother, father, teacher, healer, advocate, victim, etc.) and coming back to LOVE – to our authentic, real, raw selves is what WAKING UP is all about!

And it’s what the Intimate Puja Circles I lead are all about.

So how can you create the space for your own healing and authenticity – any place, anywhere, any time? Of course this is the question for those that are on a spiritual path. And I don’t mean to take this space today to write my book on the subject.  Simply to draw lines between the Pujas (in person) and a way of being “at home.”

Sacred Space:  It’s so important to honor transitions and create sacred space for ourselves and our relationships.  Do this by setting up a time to connect with yourself or your sweetie.  Make a date – choose a location, acknowledge the start and ending time.

Take Time to Let Go:  Releasing the thinking mind and coming back to your heart require most of us to do something intentional.  Whether that be meditation, dance, a walk, journaling…..we all need something practical to release the stressors of the day.  Breathe!!  Reside in your heart as often as possible.

Honor Your Connection:  In the Pujas we very specifically greet each other, spend a defined amount of time together and then acknowledge the specialness of the time together before parting.  Although this may be a new pattern for you, try one aspect of it and see how it feels!  Most people feel so much better – more connected and less “unraveled” when they honor coming together and apart in a graceful way.

See the Beloved in Everyone:  In the Pujas we move from “looking” at people to “see/feeling” them for who they are at their core;  a beautiful loving soulful human (as we all are).  Seeing the Beloved in Everyone is part of our spiritual journey.  Can you love this wide and open?

Share Love:  Lastly, sharing love with yourself, and everyone around you is what it’s all about.  In the Puja, you are invited into experiences that support you in doing so in a deep way.  But what can you do at home – that’s more loving? How can you offer those around you more compassion?  Are you ready to understand that everyone is doing the best they can and no one is better or worse than anybody else?

Aspire to make live a living Intimate Puja!


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