Energy and Eros: 8 Steps to Achieve Ecstacy

Eros, from the Greek god reference, refers to romantic love or sexual love; that pertaining to what we now connect with the ‘erotic.’

My experience and understanding of eros, or the erotic, is much broader however.  To me, anything that arouses us, that awakens our senses, that helps us come alive (either in a moment or in a life time) is erotic.

You know that tingly feeling you have when the wind blows through your hair while you sit on a grassy field overlooking a gorgeous vista?  That’s erotic.

You know the full body shivers you get when someone who loves you runs their fingers through your hair?  That’s erotic – and it’s an energetic sexual exchange.   

And for some more advanced students of Tantra and Kundalini, you may have an experience of the erotic during your meditations. Eros is everywhere.

However, eros needs oxygen.  In the winter time, we tend to walk around in a more contracted state of being. Our shoulders are raised, our hips are tight, we are moving at a fast pace to get out of the cold. Our breath is shallow and often we are even holding our breath altogether. These days of spring bring sunshine and rain and the rising Kundalini, life force energy outside brings an immediate awakening to our beings; and therefore, more eros into our lives.

Eros needs oxygen.  Eros needs deep long breaths down into your belly and even further into your root (or base) chakra.  Eros needs a sound as you exhale.  A release during a yoga pose.  Eros needs you to open your hips on a walk outside, get your blood pumping and your heart beating.  Eros needs oxygen.

When eros is energized via breath, movement, and/or sound, our senses are heightened, and ecstasy is possible. Energetic sex is the subtle practice of harnessing your inner feminine or inner masculine and using breath, movement and sound to heighten your senses and bring more eros into your connection.

8 Energetic Sex Practices to Heighten Eros and Bring You to Ecstasy:  

  1. Choose a sacred space to connect with your beloved and light a candle to honor your connection and love.
  2. Sit face-to-face and look into each others’ eyes.
  3. Come right into Synchronized Breath where you and your partner breathe in and out together for 1-3 minutes.
  4. Raise your arms (elbows to shoulder height) and interlock your fingers.  This is called Venus Lock where men’s thumbs are on top, women’s thumbs underneath. Breathe in together as you arch your lower back and press your pelvis forward; exhale and reverse.  Continue for 2-3 minutes or until energy is raised between you.
  5. Bring hands to your own lap and meditate on the energy you raised for 1-2 minutes. Notice any and all sensations you feel.
  6. Open your eyes and share boundaries, fears and desires with each other.  Take 3-5 minutes each.  One person shares and the other simply listens without responding.
  7. Choose who will receive sensual touch first (feminine aspect) and who will give first (masculine aspect).  Take 10 minutes each to receive. But here’s the important piece:  Wait for the receiver to have clarity about it is you truly want to receive.  This is not a practice of “I should want this….” or “He’ll want that so I’ll ask for that…”  This is about YOU and your own erotic and energetic exploration.
  8. Allow yourself to make love without touching as the last part of this sacred practice.  After touch (in #7) share sacred energy exchange without touch.  Use breath, movement and sound to raise energy and breathe in the ecstasy you each feel.

There is more erotic pleasure available to you than you can imagine.  Learning and practicing how to raise the subtle energies of eros and energy in your body will open up your capacity for pleasure and ecstasy you are longing for! 


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