Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

img_3903What if I’m in relationship?

Being in relationship definitely does not exclude you from coming to the Intimate Puja Circle.  These rituals will be invitations to connect with yourself and one another – and you will be at choice as to how you do that.  There are typically a mix of singles and couples at the events.

What exactly happens at these events?

The evening consists of opportunities and invitations to reconnect with yourself, ground and open to loving more deeply.  This begins with you; and you can share it with a partner if you choose.  More specifically, they’ll be lots of playful “ice breakers” along with Tantra yoga practices all with the intention of inviting you into a more conscious and awakened state of being.

There is no nudity and no sex.  With the mingling, you can shuffle around to other people or continue to connect with your partner only.  Either is welcomed.  When it comes to the Puja Circles you have the same choice – to connect with someone new or do all the exercises with a partner.

What if I don’t have a partner?

Many people attend the puja alone without a partner. We try to make sure the room is evenly balanced by gender so if you would like to connect with another person and practice the exercises with someone else, there is a partner to do that with. However, all the exercises can be done solely.

What if I am not comfortable with an exercise or connecting with someone?

Each participant is encouraged to honor their “yes” and their “no”.  In the Intimate Puja community, a “maybe” or “I’m not sure” is a definite “no, thank you.”  Often people come to practice their “no” and their boundaries.

Many women and men sit in meditation during each connection.  No touching at all.  Just eye gaze  or sit quietly with eyes closed.  There is no expectation and certainly no requirement to be any other way or do any other thing.

What should I wear?

Please be comfortable but also celebratory!  Wear yoga pants or something with a draw string around the waist; bring sarongs, scarves, dresses, etc.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, FRIENDS!!  And your water bottle.  You are also welcome healthy snacks to share after the Puja.  Organic fruit and chocolate are best.  We always love chocolate.

What if I have more questions, I’m feeling a bit nervous.

Please email me to set up a time to talk: