Feb 18 – LARGEST Puja EVER

Feb 18 – LARGEST Puja EVER

Robyn Vogel has led countless Intimate Puja Circles over the last 14 years and has now decided to lead the LARGEST PUJA ever! Her intention is to reach as many people worldwide to bring their hearts back to love. Robyn has approached the Guinness Book of World Records for this revolutionary event so stay tuned as we go down in history!

When:  February 18, 2017  6:30pm-10:30pm (Doors open at 6pm.)

Where: Center for the Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA

Cost: $45 in advance

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A Puja, in Sanskrit, means reverence, honor, worship and adoration. It’s used by the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and others — as a ceremony to honor a very special occasion; it’s also used more often as part of a sacred ritual/practice to support opening to the wisdom of the Divine — your Source.

Here’s what we are going to do:


Intimate Puja Circles, created by Robyn, of Come Back to Love™, will be the place to:

  • Be playful with other yummy, juicy, soulful singles, and couples
  • Learn and practice Tantra, yoga, meditation – the principles and practices of Sacred Sexuality
  • Be in a room with folks who are willing to be honest, and open their hearts
  • Experience deep connections with those interested in sacred sexuality, expanded orgasm, conscious relationship, spirituality – people like YOU!


Tantra (whether you are single or in relationship):

This special evening will begin with many invitations to connect with each other in light and playful ways — always with the opportunity to go as deep as you choose. Single or coupled, you’ll experience Tantric Intimacy exercises as a way to say ‘hello’, get to know one another, mingle and connect.

Here’s what Participants are saying!

“The class was great; I really enjoyed it. Very different from my normal way of life, you did create on a small scale what I was hoping for….creating the possibility to feel a deeper intimacy.”

“It’s so amazing to walk into a room of “strangers” and walk out feeling in love with everyone!”

“I didn’t think I’d be able to connect with anyone there. I was so surprised, and delighted, how easy it was to enjoy myself with every man in that room! Thank you Robyn, for your excellent facilitation skills. I felt totally safe!”

“We have to wait a whole month until the next one????”

“This is a very special event; a non-threatening, yet deep and authentic way to meet others. I’ve been online dating for years and it’s just not for me. I’ve met some really good people at your events.”

“We love to come as a couple and meet others on a similar path.”

The Puja Circle itself will begin part-way through the night during which you’ll have the chance to connect more deeply with others (one-on-one) — this part of the evening will be facilitated, with a structure offered, however, you will have ample time to co-create with the beloved in front of you!! You will be at choice and encouraged to ask for 100% of what you want.

Relax on a Friday night:

Once the formal part of the evening is over, there’ll be time to dance, hang out, cuddle, snuggle, relax, process, and rest. There will always be chocolate!

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1. What if I’m in relationship? Being in relationship definitely does not exclude you from coming to the Intimate Puja Circle. These rituals will be invitations to connect with yourself and one another – and you will be at choice as to how you do that. There are typically a mix of singles and couples at the events.

2. What should I wear? Please be comfortable but also celebratory! Wear yoga pants or something with a draw string around the waist; bring sarongs, scarves, dresses, etc.

3. Do I need to bring anything? Yes, FRIENDS!! And your water bottle. You are also welcome healthy snacks to share after the Puja. Organic fruit and chocolate are best.

4. What if I have questions, I’m feeling a bit nervous! You’re not alone. Most people coming for the first time feel a bit of apprehension (or a lot!) I promise you will be put at ease almost immediately. However, please feel free to email me to set up a time to talk: Robyn@ComeBackToLove.com

Safety and Consent

Every workshop you take with Robyn Vogel, MA, LMHC, will be a safe and sacred event. Robyn will provide specific guidelines around conscious communication, being at choice, honoring your “yes” and “no” (learning how), touch only with permission and how to navigate these aspects of intimacy in a safe and healthy way. You will always be at choice as to how you participate. Your consent is imperative, and expected.

This is a heart-opening, loving, possibly sensual, non-sexual, clothing on, sacred and spiritual event.

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